We are back in our building every Sunday at 10:15 AM. As of 12/21/2021, the elders have requested that anyone who comes to the building wear a mask inside. If you don’t have one, masks will be provided! You may still tune-in live or afterward here or on our Facebook page if you’d like.

  • 10:15 am
    Worship Service

Sundays | 725 Trimble Road, PO Box 489, Joppa, MD 21085

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Tune in here Sunday mornings to watch our worship service streamed live from 725 Trimble Road! Our service will begin right around 10:15 AM (depending on the delay). Archives of our live streamed services can be found at our Facebook Page and audio-only versions of our sermons can be found either at our media page or at SoundFaith. To find links to the sermons that were recorded during the COVID-19 quarantine (when we didn’t meet in our building) check out our YouTube page. You can also watch the backlog of our livestreams on our Facebook Live Page.


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Sunday, January 16th
Lost and Found and Changed