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Sacrificial Potluck

Most years at JCC we have a “sacrificial potluck” during November to help allocate money toward buying Christmas presents for families in need. This year, since we can’t have our normal celebration, we’re moving it online. The idea behind a sacrificial potluck is simple– think of how much money it would take to feed yourself or your family at a restaurant, but instead make the cheapest dish you can and donate the difference. This helps us recognize the sacrifice that many families have to make every single day to put food on the table, it helps us count our own blessings, and it enables us to help others in need.


Here’s how to participate this year:

  1. Figure out how much it would cost to go to your favorite restaurant.
  2. Instead, make a really cheap dish and eat that while remembering that families need to make these difficult choices every day.
  3. Consider donating the rest of the money to a family in need, or you can put it into the efforts of the church on Sunday morning or by donating here.
  4. Optional: Snap a few pictures and tag #SacrificialPotluck on social media to help spread the word.


Thank you if you choose to join in our challenge! If you’re interested in the impact and stories that resulted from this challenge, feel free to fill out our feedback form and ask us!