We are meeting at Towne Gril & Pub (1006 Joppa Farm Road) this Sunday instead of our building!

For more info, go to www.joppatowne.church/commonground.

  • 10:15 am
    Worship Service

Sundays | 725 Trimble Road, PO Box 489, Joppa, MD 21085

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Ravens vs. Titans

October 15 | 9:30 AM
Sermon at halftime

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– 8:30 AM | Breakfast (Breakfast will be available through the beginning of the game)

– 9 AM | Worship songs and introduction

– 9:30 AM | Game time

– Halftime | Sermon / Communion

– After halftime | Drawing for a pair of tickets to the Ravens game vs. the Lions on October 22nd (must be present to win) and watch the Ravens win (hopefully)!

Note: You can come and go as you please, but we would love for you to come and stay for the worship service as well, and feel free to join us other Sundays at 9 AM for Sunday School and 10:15 for our regularly scheduled worship services.

When our preacher, Adam, found out that the Ravens are playing during our regularly scheduled worship service on October 15th, he immediately thought, “People always tell me that Sunday is their only day to sleep in, but I bet some of those people will get up early for that game. Why not try to mix the two together?”

So, come join us on October 15th at 9:30 AM to watch the entire Ravens game, enjoy some free food and fellowship, and listen to God’s word at halftime. Of course we’ll be cheering for the Ravens, but we also believe that a Ravens victory over the Titans could be the second best news you’ll hear about that day.


Uh… seriously?

Yes, seriously. We know people love the Ravens, and so do we! (Well, we do begrudgingly let some Steelers fans join us for worship on Sundays too so they may not love the Ravens). But as much as we love the Ravens, we love Jesus more and if this is a way we can tell you about him, we’re all for it.

Is this a bait and switch? Will I be able to watch the whole game?

You’re our guest for this event, and we know you want to watch the whole game. All we ask is that you allow us to share a message of hope at halftime (which is probably better than listening to Phil, Nate, Boomer, Bill, and James in the studio anyway).

Aren’t you putting football ahead of Jesus?

This is definitely not our intention. We get together on Sunday mornings every week to worship Jesus, but we always end our services by saying “Even though our worship service ends now, neither our worship, nor our service do. We do tho se all week.” Believe it or not, Jesus can be worshipped during a football game, and if you don’t believe that then we’d love to tell you some other things about Jesus that you may not have heard.

You said something about free food?

Yes, please register for this event, mainly so we know how many to prepare food for!

You said something about free tickets?

Yes! The Ravens have been kind enough to donate a pair of tickets to the Lions game on October 22nd. We’ll have a drawing after the sermon, you must be present to win. Thank you so much to the Baltimore Ravens for your support!