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Hall Rental

Please observe the following policies:

  • No smoking is permitted in the building. Please use provided receptacles outside.
  • No alcohol.
  • Report any broken or damaged equipment to the office.
  • Leave the area as you found it.
  • Please note: We have someone in our church who is deathly allergic to latex. Please consider using latex-free balloons. If you do use latex, please inform us so we tell that person not to enter the building for the next week.


I/we, the users of the facilities and property of Joppatowne Christian Church, do hereby agree to the following guidelines, as set forth on this page:
  • We will agree not to use the premises of Joppatowne Christian Church for any unlawful purposes, and will obey all laws, rules and regulations of all governmental authorities while using the above described facilities.
  • Upon leaving the facility we will be certain that all lights are turned out, including all rest rooms, classrooms and kitchen.
  • We will assure that the A/C and heat settings will not be disturbed.
  • We will pick up all trash (if you have filled a trash can please be sure to empty it in the dumpster) and wipe up any spills, including kitchen counters and floors.
  • Upon leaving the building we will verify all doors are locked and closed tightly and that all brown (fire) doors are closed to education wing and to the upstairs.
  • If at any time something is accidentally broken or damaged, we will report it to the church office 410-679-9366.
  • We will voluntarily replace or repair any broken or damaged items.
  • We will not leave any items for storage on the church property unless first cleared with the church office. This includes the refrigerator and freezers; anything left is to be marked with the owners name and date. It is left with the understanding that it will be thrown away if not marked.
  • Children must be attended at all times.
  • Use of the building is limited to the agreed upon rooms. For example if you are using the Fellowship Hall, no one should be in the modular, the education wing or the sanctuary.
  • Church activities that are scheduled events will take precedent over your use of the buildings. Please be aware in advance that these dates include October 31, Christmas Eve and Summer Vacation Bible School (VBS, dates vary). We will try to give you two weeks notice when unannounced events are planned.



  • Custodial fee $75
  • Hall Rental $25 per hour

Fees are paid directly to Joppatowne Christian Church.

We allow 1 hour prior for set up and 1 hour after for clean up. The custodial fee is waived for groups who completely clean up after their event and guests.


Agreement of terms

Please fill out the form below:


Before you pay, please await instructions from us. If you haven’t heard in 24 hours, feel free to reach out to Adam Shellenbarger at [email protected].

Upon approval of this agreement, deposit payments or full payments can be made by check to

Joppatowne Christian Church
PO Box 489
Joppa, MD 21085

Or by PayPal at www.paypal.me/joppatownecc