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Dare to Love

Right now, there have been over 45,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Maryland. A group of churches has decided to band together to match or surpass that number in acts of love by June 30th. Let’s unleash a deliberate act of love in Jesus’ name! We can match that virus one for one by making love go viral! So everyone needs to participate! We can do it!

Here’s how it works. Listed below are some important acts of love we can do that will make a difference. Let’s use those negative letters C-O-V-I-D and turn them into something positive.

C – Celebrate a graduate by “adopting a senior.”

O – Offer to help someone with a financial need (help someone with rent or groceries or some essential cost).

V – Volunteer to:

  • Sponsor a meal for Everyday Heroes and families in need.
  • Write a note of encouragement to a healthcare worker or a patient.
  • Deliver food to those in need (to a neighbor or Meals on Wheels).
  • Donate everyday essentials like paper products, diapers and cleaning supplies to charities and community centers to distribute to those in need.

IIntentionally pray for others, or set up a prayer meeting online for people to join!

DDream up your own act of love.
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In order to keep track of our progress, we’re going to report to all of the other churches joining in with us. Please use the form below: