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2020 Vision

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Background: The COVID-19 pandemic has stopped the world in its tracks and disrupted many of the goings-on of Joppatowne Christian Church. Still, our mission remains clear, that we are to love God, his church, and his community, even in difficult times. We need to ensure that we’re seeking him and finding a way forward during this time of frustration and confusion. Additionally, we must lay the groundwork for a time when COVID-19 is no longer a threat, so we can hit the ground running with clarity and our motivating mission.


Goals: To improve the health and structure of Joppatowne Christian Church during the COVID-19 pandemic and to ensure JCC emerges from the pandemic stronger than when we went into quarantine.

Team Purposes: The JCC COVID-19 Vision Team will

  • Pray for wisdom and guidance to move forward in the way God wants us to during this time
  • Assess the church especially in the areas of
    • Upward (JCC’s focus on God)
    • Inward (JCC’s relationship with each other)
    • Outward (JCC’s relationship with Joppatowne / Edgewood, and missions)
    • Leadership structure
    • Resource management
    • Communication
  • Suggest improvements in the above areas
  • Implement immediate actions to strengthen the church during the pandemic that can be remote or safely socially distanced
  • Prepare and lead the church to a post-quarantine visionNote : The elders should allow the team the authority to proceed with their ideas as long as they stay within scriptural and budgetary constraints.

Membership: The elders of Joppatowne Christian Church will have full authority to appoint and remove members from this team.

Meetings: This team will begin their meetings on alternating Wednesdays during the same timeframe as the Virtual Bible Study (6:30 PM). The meetings will take place on Google Meet during the beginning of this team.

Method: The team should seek to apply biblical principles in their work and also use the power of God’s word to spread truth and love. For organizational purposes, this team should employ the TASC approach for accountability and success.

  • T—Who owns the task?
  • A—Do they have the authority to be held accountable?
  • S—Do we agree that they are set up for success (time, resources, clarity)?
  • C—Do we have a checklist of what needs to happen to accomplish the task?


Sunset: The elders will assess the preliminary efficacy of this team in December (6-8 weeks after its formation) to offer guidance and course correction.

Due to the uncertain length of quarantine, this team may remain active for longer, but should aim to dissolve and hand-off its authority to a more sustainable governing structure by the end of March 2021. The resulting body is likely to have a similar makeup to this one, but should be able to stay focused on a post-quarantine world.